New Hope 4 Life is a Canadian nonprofit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This organization was founded with the primary goal to help the less fortunate such as runaway kids, teens & young adults, anyone living on the streets because they don’t have a safe place to go.

Our President & Executive Director will be going to youth shelters to talk to young adults to share his past experiences how he used to live on the streets, what lead him to live on the streets.

Our goal is to help the those people get a second chance to get back on their feet just as he did. Click here to watch Eric talk about what happened to him and how he received his second chance.

To find out more about the details of our Mission Statement and find out some of the services that our organization offers, simply Click here.

If you have any questions on the subject or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or through our Social Media which can be found above in our links.

New Hope 4 Life

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  1. Cheryl

    This is a very interesting site. I just sent my email to join your Mailing list. I will be sharing this with my friends, family and anyone else I can think of.


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