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NOTE: New Hope 4 Life is a nonprofit organization and therefore not a registered charity. This means that we are unable to issue tax receipts for the donations that we receive.

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As you probably read in our “Mission Statement” one of the goals of New Hope 4 Life is to help the homeless in any way possible. That is why we are asking for Wool and/or Yarn Donations so that we can knit blankets for the homeless that choose not to go stay at shelters. Not to discriminate against homeless shelters, the homeless are lucky to have them however, sometimes they don’t feel safe staying in them.

Please donate Wool and/or Yarn if you can. Any amount is appreciated.

Fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you within 24hrs to 48hrs (business)

NOTE: Delivery options:

  1. By Mail
  2. Drop-off

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