City Hall’s plan to make face mask mandatory for everyone

As we were saying in the Twitter message…

As New Hope 4 Life emailed Stephen Blais regarding his Tweet yesterday regarding his post on Facebook how starting in mid-June 2020 it will be mandatory for everyone boarding Oc Transpo buses, we saw posts on Facebook how apparently “it’s against the law” and people will refuse to comply.

We hope that this is not just “talk” and that the City of Ottawa is prepared to back this up with actual actions and don’t expect the drivers to do something about it because personally speaking in the past my wife was almost harassed by an intoxicated person and when she went to report it to the bus driver that she was fearing from her life when she got off the bus, the driver said “it was not his problem because he wasn’t getting paid enough”

We hope that the City of Ottawa is prepared to enforce this new policy with by-law officers and or police etc… otherwise this new policy is not really mandatory as is it’s more optional or (Do what you want)

New Hope 4 Life 

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