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My name is Eric. I am the President and Executive Director of New Hope 4 Life which is a Canadian nonprofit organization.

If you have read our Mission Statement which is located on our main page, you have read that our main purpose is to help the less fortunate such as the homeless, abused victims, people who are and were bullied, etc…

During these hard times, we are focusing on helping people during COVID-19.

In the Mission Statement, you probably also read that our goals is because I once too was one of those people. At one point I was bullied, abused (mentally & emotionally) as well I lived on the streets.

Our organization is here to help people to try and show them that life does matter, that there is hope for life.

We help them by providing blankets to the homeless, facial masks (during COVID-19)

Our main goal is to help everyone we are trying to help, therefore if someone who lives on the streets wants to better his/her life, we will help them in any way possible.


    • Paying for them to finish Highschool
    • Paying for them to take College / University courses
    • Helping them build their Resume
    • Buying them proper clothes for job interviews
    • etc…

A couple of months ago, I asked for help in regards to spreading the news of our organization so that we can better our City. I figured that this person would be all for it since one of his main goals is making the City of Ottawa look better especially in the downtown core which is where the majority of our tourist come to visit, however he refused to help saying there were enough organizations to help the homeless in Ottawa.

In my opinion to help the people who need help there is no such thing as “enough organization” and to be honest I’ve lost all respect in this person, however out of respect i will keep his Identity confidential.

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