Marathon & Virtual Marathon

Marathon & Virtual Marathon

Marathon & Virtual Marathon F.A.Q

Did you know that since October 10th, 2010, that day is known as “World Homeless Day” and it keeps on going every year. New Hope 4 Life will be hosting a Marathon/Virtual Marathon every month of October in order to help raise funds for the homeless.

New Hope 4 Life also hosts another Marathon/Virtual Marathon for the month of August for the event of International Youth day, as youth & young adults are also some of the people we are trying to help.

The purpose of both marathons is to draw attention of the needs of youth & homeless people’s locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved.

Since the primary goal of New Hope 4 Life is helping the less fortunate, we have decided that every year to help raise donations, we will do events such as Marathons or in certain Occasions like bad weather or worse like the COVID-19 Pandemic when people aren’t allowed to be near each other, we will do a Virtual Marathon which will last the entire month of October for Word Homeless Day as well as another Virtual Marathon for the month of August for International Youth Day.

How do you get signed up?: All you need to do is find someone sponsors for the Marathon/Virtual Marathon and the number of kilometers that you will walk, run or bike.

Past & Future Marathons:

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