New Coronavirus – COVID-19

As we were saying in the Twitter message…

We agree with you as some people complain too much about silly and things that are not currently important. What is more important is to get this New Coronavirus under control however unfortunately in our opinion we’re afraid our all of our Governments Federal, Provincial & Municipal are more worried about the budgets then dealing with the seriousness of this potentially deadly disease.

We have written emails to the Prime Minister, the Ontario Premier, our Mayor Jim Watson as well as CC’d all of his Councillors but received no responses.

We understand that people need to get back to work and the economy is important but if we don’t isolate this disease it might take over the world.

Just look at China and how strict their laws are. They escaped but then a second wave hit, but I’m sure they will prevail.

Heck our organization was based on helping the less fortunate and it was registered in March of this year, just as COVID-19 came out. We want this to come to an end just as much as everyone else so we can start helping those in need, but putting ourselves at risk is not the way to go about it.

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Thank you.

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