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Hi my name is Eric and I’m the President and Executive Director of New Hope 4 Life which is a Canadian nonprofit organization which is located in Ottawa, ON.

The purpose of this Tweet is to let people know about us our organization.

Our Mission Statement can be read on our website by clicking the Home & About Us button.

But in a nutshell our goal is to help the less fortunate like runaway teens, young adults and to try to show them that that hope is not lost and New Hope 4 Life can help them.

Thats why we chose this title for the organization.

Its not just runaways we’re trying to help, we want to focus on teens, young adults who have a low self esteem because they are or were bullied either in person or online (cyberbullying).

Furthermore we want to help teens, young adults who have been abuse emotionally, mentally, verbally, etc…

You might ask why would me & my board of directors want to open another organization when there are already a bunch of them out there!

The reason is simple. Everything mentioned  in the list (bullied, abuse, runaway, etc…) at one point or another I personally experienced.

I was bullied as a child in school and around the projects where I lived as a child and early teen.

I was verbally, mentally, psychologically & emotionally abused by my mother. Someone who I no longer speak to since my wife and I got married because my wife made me realize that what my mother was doing to me was not right and told me that wasn’t the norm and then I met my in-laws and they were/are the complete opposite of my family. They are the type of family I wished I was born with.

I lived on the streets when I was 15 and I almost got killed. After reading the police & hospital reports turns out I was in a coma for 3 months and in the beginning sometimes my lungs would stop so the nurse and doctors would have to restart them.

When I came out, all I can remember is being attached to a bunch of wires. I had to relearn to walk & talk from scratch, plus my mother said that I had to take an anger management class if I wanted to come back to her place or I could go back on the streets. Since in the condition I was in I obviously wasn’t fit to go on the streets so I agreed even though I told my mother in the past that the 2 of us should do family counseling but she said there was nothing wrong with her.

So I went to these classes both as an in & out patient and they taught us that whenever we feel an argument coming on that we should leave the room and when things were calm to talk about it rationally. But with my mother she was always right, so I just kept my mouth shut til I was 19 then moved out.

But see again the reason I / we opened this organization is so that I can go to certain places and talk to teens and young adults and tell them my story etc… as well as the services our organization offers and hopefully that will let them know they are not alone, that no matter how messed up I was, I made a decision to better my life. I did this on my own, but these people don’t have to, we are there to lend a helping hand and give them a little help to start if they should need it.

All they need to do is want it and we will kick start them in the right direction.

New Hope 4 Life

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