Action Plan

New Hope 4 Life is a nonprofit organization, therefore we are unable to issue a Tax receipt for any type of donations given.

Listed below are some of the things we are currently implementing as a nonprofit organization.

  • Speak to the less fortunate and find ways to help them.
  • Hand out water bottles & snacks (Summer time)
  • Hand out Blankets. (Winter time)
  • Help the homeless get jobs, create, and update their resumes.
  • Purchase appropriate clothing for job interviews with grant & donation money. (Soon to come)
  • Provide support to go back to school to take some courses to further their education and get off the street.
  •  (Soon to come)
  • Go to youth Drop-in centers and/or shelters and share with them the life experiences of the President.
  • Help them attend counseling sessions and go with them if needed.
  • etc…

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If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Hope 4 Life

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