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Board of Directors – FAQ

New Hope 4 Life is looking for people to join our Board of Directors meetings

We are a Canadian nonprofit organization based in Ottawa, ON (Canada).

You can go to the Home/About Page to read out Mission Statement, but in a nutshell, our primary objective is to help the less fortunate such as the homeless, abuse victims, and people who are or have been bullied either in person or online otherwise knows as cyberbullying.

To find out more of how our organization will help, you can click on the “Ways to Help” in the drop-down menu and then select “How to Help”.

Since New Hope 4 Life is a Canadian nonprofit organization, we are accepting Directors from all over Canada.

Duties for Directors:

  • 1 Directors meeting every 5 months to discuss how to better the organization.
  • For those living in the Ottawa area, there is also the option to volunteer at fundraisers (optional & ONLY when COVID-19 comes to an end).

Monthly Director meetings are done through Google Meet, so each applicant must have a *@gmail address or a Google Passport.

That email address will be used as a forwarding email for your new hope 4 life email i.e: and all Director meeting invitations will be forwarded to that email address.

To apply simply fill out the Application Form and we will reply to you.

Thank you.

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