May 03, 2020

Good day.

An email was sent last week to the Prime Minister, the Ontario Premier, the Mayor of Ottawa as well as all his Councilors were CC’d on it with regards to how our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government in our opinion isn’t doing enough to contain the threat of COVID-19 and the pandemic that is slowly but surely overtaking our Country and world.

If you go to our website at www.newhope4life.ca/polls  you will be able to see the poll that was created hoping people will give us their opinion.

We felt the need to share our concerns with you.

What is not on the poll content though is for example how we feel that there should be more testing done. For example, the “self-assessment” test that you can find online we tested it and even if you show even 1 symptom it says to self isolate for 14 days.

This disease is spreading like wildlife and if we don’t do something to put it the fire out soon, it will be impossible to stop and Canada’s deficit will be the least of our worries.
Thank you.

New Hope 4 Life

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