Community Standards – Problem

As we were saying in the Twitter message…

@finkd TO: #MarkZuckerberg on #Facebook
My name is Eric. I’m the President of New Hope 4 Life which is a nonprofit organization in #Ottawa #Ontario #Canada we have a Facebook Page

Every time we try to share something on our website or PM one of our followers, Facebook blocks it saying that it’s been blocked because it goes against the “Community Standards” How is a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless and people in need, especially during these hard time with this COVID-19 pandemic going on, how can this be?

How does our website go against the “Community Standards” it’s not judgemental, it’s not racist nor does it meet any other criteria that we can see for your “Community Standards”. We have tried reporting this, but we have heard no response.

Please stop this nonsense and allow our followers and our organization to share our links.

Thank you.

Eric Villeneuve
President/Executive Director
New Hope 4 Life

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